Chehalis Basin Board meets this week in Aberdeen

Formed earlier this year, the Chehalis Basin Board was created to oversee implementation of the Chehalis Basin Strategy and the “reduce damages from catastrophic floods and restore degraded aquatic species habitat in the Basin”.

This week, they will hold their monthly meeting in Aberdeen and discuss issues with Grays Harbor interests in mind.

Board chair and Grays Harbor County Commissioner called for the meeting to be held locally.

The Chehalis Basin Board consists of representatives from the Chehalis River Basin Flood Authority, local tribes, state agencies, and gubernatorial appointees.

Commissioner Raines and Quinault Indian Nation Vice President Tyson Johnston both sit on the board.

On Thursday, starting at 10am, the board will meet at the Rotary Log Pavilion to discuss a series of issues including hearing progress on the local North Shore Levee to protect Aberdeen and Hoquiam, as well as a briefing from QIN Tribal Fishers on tribal fishing in the Chehalis Basin.

The meeting will run from 10am to 4pm at the Log Pavilion and is open to the public.


December 7, 2017 Meeting Agenda



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