Court date set in campaign sign case against Commissioner Gordon

Sitting Commissioner will see his day in court for allegations he removed campaign signs.

In September, photos were released that showed Commissioner Gordon holding campaign signs of Commissioner Elect Randy Ross.

Allegations from the party that sent them to KXRO are that Gordon removed the signs from property owned by Calvary Lutheran Church at the corner of Willow & Sumner Streets.

Although none of the photos sent to KXRO show Commissioner Gordon removing the sign, he spoke with KXRO and admitted to moving the Randy Ross sign from the corner, along with another sign that he found in the back of his truck, to an empty lot across from Duffy’s Restaurant and he says that he placed them next to another Ross sign.


In addition to these photos, Gordon admitted to KXRO that he did remove a sign for candidate Dave Jennings in another race, saying that he got approval to place campaign signs on land, and when another candidate in the election placed a sign, he removed it and placed it on the ground.

Gordon said that he regrets the decision to take down the sign for the candidate.


Following these allegations, the Aberdeen Police Department opened an investigation into Gordon.

The Aberdeen Municipal Court docket shows a court date for Gordon on Tuesday, November 15. 

Deputy Corporation Counsel Forest Worgum tells KXRO that Gordon is being charged with a single count of “removing or defacing political signs” and he will be arraigned on the 15th.

It is not known at this time which instance caused the charges.

According to state law, Gordon could face misdemeanor charges and a sentence of “not more than ninety days, or by a fine in an amount fixed by the court of not more than one thousand dollars, or by both”.










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