“Blood spray on the ceiling” among Trave-Lure complaints

Blood on the ceiling and dozens of other complaints highlight the report released by Mayor Erik Larson on the Trave-Lure Motel from the .

According to Public Health Advisor James Phillips, the allegations that started the complaint inspection involved; “hypodermic needles behind the bed, used condom wrappers, dirty underwear and empty drug baggies. The room was dusty, the bathroom was not clean, there were blood stains on the ceiling and the sheets. People stayed up all night and created lots of noise”.

The report lists 25 total “deficiencies” that need to be corrected by August 29, or the motel will face fines or have their business license revoked.

They include cleaning garbage from the rooms and grounds, providing hot and cold water in the rooms, include towels/toilet paper in each room, have clean sheets, and several other areas.

The report goes into detail on several areas, including finding  “a 2 liter bottle hanging on a traffic cone partially filled with hypodermic needles” and “blood spray from a hypodermic needle was found all over the bathroom ceiling”.

While the Department of Health has given the Trave-Lure until August 29, Mayor Larson has asked for an immediate revocation of their business license.,




TraveLure Motel-DOH



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