Blankets will be back at Jack Rottle Field, but with a change

In a release from the Montesano School District, they say that blankets will once again be allowed on stadium seating for games.

As a change this year, they say that blankets will only be allowed after 3pm on game day.

A controversy in 2015 saw fans putting blankets on the bleachers at Rottle Field many hours, and even days, prior to games in an attempt to save seats.

The School District at that time announced that blankets would be allowed starting at 8am on game days.

The school district had allowed saving seats with blankets in years past.

In an official post from the district in 2014, the district even promoted the practice on the day of the game.

The tradition has always been for people to place blankets on the seats during the day on Friday to save them for later in the evening.  While this is a new stadium, we still encourage you to continue with this tradition.

They said this year that any blankets placed on stadium seats prior to 3pm on game day will be removed.





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