Birth records for Washington adoptees to be released

A new law will open access to original birth records for all Washington-born adult adoptees beginning next July. Birth parents who placed their child for adoption on or before October 1, 1993 must notify state health officials if they want to remain anonymous.

House Bill 1525 gives adult adoptees the chance to get information about their birth parents. Any birth parent can choose to share information or keep their identity confidential by filing with the state . Parents must provide information about their family’s medical history, regardless of whether they choose to disclose their identity.

Parents can file their contact preference form and medical history information now by downloading the forms on DOH website. If a birth parent doesn’t file a contact preference form, the adoptee will be able to get a copy of their original birth certificate.

Starting on July 1, 2014, people 18 and older who were adopted on or before October 1, 1993 will able to request their original birth certificate.

The change means some adoptees will not have to go through the court system to get information about a birth parent.

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