The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife () plans to open ocean beaches for a second round of razor-clam digging in April if marine toxin tests show the clams are safe to eat.  In addition to the dig tentatively scheduled April 7-9 at Long Beach and , WDFW also hopes to open those beaches for clam digging April 19-23 and two others April 21-23. Final word on those digs – all scheduled on morning low tides – will be announced about a week ahead of time, once the results of the marine toxin tests are available. “The weather was pretty rough during the March opener, so diggers didn’t get as many clams as we thought they would,” said Dan Ayres, WDFW coastal shellfish manager. “That gives us an opportunity to schedule a second dig in April.”  If the toxin results are favorable, Long Beach and will reopen for digging April 19 through April 22, until noon each day, plus April 23 until 1 p.m. Two other beaches – Copalis and – will be open for digging April 21-22 until noon and April 23 until 1 p.m. under that plan.  Fishery managers agreed to an extra hour of digging Saturday, April 23, because

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