Active shooter training today in Hoquiam

The Aberdeen and Hoquiam Police and Fire Departments will be holding “Active Shooter” exercises this morning at a unoccupied building in the east side of Hoquiam.

Police chiefs from both cities say that they want the public to be aware that there will be a large-scale response, but it will only be a drill.

The purpose is to evaluate officers from Hoquiam and Aberdeen in an “active shooter” incident. Personnel will be operating on regular police and fire frequencies during the drill. All available officers, detectives and administrators from the departments will likely respond, as well as officers from other agencies, including Cosmopolis and the ’s Department.

In addition to the police response, which will not include lights and sirens, the Aberdeen Fire Department will implement an EMS mass casualty response. Personnel from Aberdeen, Hoquiam and Grays Harbor County Fire District #2 are anticipated to participate.

Aberdeen, Hoquiam and Cosmopolis have been working together to develop a regional response plan for “active shooter” incidents in the wake of school and workplace violence across the country. This will be the first functional exercise on-the-ground and is designed to evaluate the overall response of the various agencies involved.

Citizens are asked to remain clear of the exercise area and should be aware all radio traffic related to an “active shooter” incident will be prefaced with the notification “this is a drill” to prevent any public concern or alarm.




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