After years of discussion, Aberdeen and Hoquiam will now be combining, at least partially.

The and the police departments will partner together for the development of a unique day jail hosted at the Hoquiam city jail facility, which was closed in 2002 due to budget cuts.

In this partnership, Hoquiam’s city jail will house misdemeanor offenders of both communities under the supervision of the Hoquiam police services officer teamed with an Aberdeen corrections officer. During daytime operations, offenders will be able to serve and complete their sentences in eight-hour “day jail” blocks of time.

“I am very excited about this program,” stated Mayor . “Utilizing our jail has been a priority of mine and the citizens of Hoquiam since the inception of Hometown Hoquiam. To reach this goal, particularly in these challenging financial times, is a remarkable achievement.”

The day jail program will allow the City of Hoquiam to sentence misdemeanor offenders to serve their sentence over time in the day jail, as opposed to placing them in outside facilities at a cost of $45-$58 per day depending upon the facility. While the City of Aberdeen does operate their own jail facility, they are also required to place offenders in outside facilities due to overcrowding and a lack of open jail space. Aberdeen has a waiting list of defendants who could serve their time in the day jail once the program is in place.

“Aberdeen has been discussing expanding our jail or building a larger facility for several years now,” said Aberdeen Mayor , “Through this partnership, we are expanding the number of jail space available without the expense of building new facilities. My hope is that this partnership will show the real need for expanding jail facilities.”

While in custody, day inmates may be utilized in a supervised work crew program spending their day cleaning our city streets and alleys as well as other projects within our community.

The Aberdeen and Hoquiam City Councils will be considering an inter-local agreement to establish the day jail program at their respective council meetings next week.



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