Aberdeen yard sale restrictions move forward; up for public comment next

The has taken the first step to adjust their limits for garage sales within the city.

Following lengthy debate on Wednesday night, the passed the first reading of an ordinance that would adjust the current municipal code that allows up to 10 residential sales down to a total of 2 per household per year.

Mayor Erik Larson spoke on the reasoning behind the law, saying that the current law is completely complaint based, and with the number currently at 10, they have a hard time enforcing it.

The City Council spoke on both sides of the issue, both asking what the intended purpose would be, speaking out for the household looking to raise money through these sales, and for those who are impacted in the neighborhoods.

Councilman Tim Alstrom spoke for the change, saying that the law already allows for enough.

Councilwoman Dee Anne Shaw, who proposed the ordinance, says that the purpose of the change seems to be getting lost in some of the comments made at the meeting and on social media.

City Attorney Eric Nelson clarified the position of enforcement saying that it is not a change to hurt those doing sales for the right reasons; it is to hinder those running sales as a business model.

The first reading of the ordinance passed 9-2. It now moves onto a second reading and public comment at the next council meeting on August 9.

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