Aberdeen will “Have The Meats” in less than 2 weeks

Arby’s will open in Aberdeen on Wednesday, October 25.

In a statement sent to KXRO from one of the owners, following the construction process that began in February of this year, the restaurant is almost ready to open their doors.

Hiring for the quick service restaurant began in September, with some employees receiving orientation and training next week.

Announced on October 11, all Arby’s locations will have the option of venison steak sandwiches, but according to a statement to KXRO the supply will be limited at all stores, and local stock will run out quickly.

Since the first post on the KXRO Facebook, the topic of Arby’s has seen an overwhelming response compared to other announcements.

On Facebook posts alone based on analytics, over 125,000 people have responded to KXRO posts about the new addition to Downtown Aberdeen. This includes almost 1200 Shares, over 1200 Likes, and over 350 Comments.

Until now, the closest Arby’s location was an hour away in Olympia.


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