Aberdeen votes to terminate their contract with LeMay

The is terminating their contract with Harold LeMay Enterprises.

At their Wednesday meeting, the council approved a recommendation by Public Works Director Rick Sangder to give notice to end their contract with LeMay.


According to the recommendation, the city has “continually renewed with minimal negotiations for several decades”. At the end of each of these contracts, if no new contract is negotiated, it will renew for 2 further years.

The current contract will end on December 31, 2017, but since the city did not give notice to terminate in December, the current service will continue through June 2018.

Sangder says that in their current contract, a 12 month notice of termination is required before the City can end their terms with LeMay.

By terminating the contract, the will be able to receive proposals from other companies to handle garage and recycling within city limits.

At that time, LeMay will be encouraged to resubmit a proposal.

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