Aberdeen Rotary offering scholarships for blind, deaf, and deaf-blind

In a release, Aberdeen Rotary Club No. 56 has announced that applications are open for the Alex and Suzanne Rosenkrantz Scholarship Fund, specifically for youth suffering from blindness or hearing loss.

The club says that the Alex and Suzanne Rosenkrantz Scholarship Fund was established “with the proceeds of a bequest to assist blind youth, deaf youth and deaf-blind youth in becoming self-sufficient through higher education, vocational training, or other appropriate schooling.”

These scholarships are not limited to higher education, as vocational training, education in Braille, and computer-based education for the blind, deaf and deaf-blind will also be funded.

Priority is given to Grays Harbor applicants, followed by Pacific, Thurston and residents, before expanding statewide.

Applications are accepted year round, although any applications received by July 15th will be considered during the August review.

Scholarship Application


Completed applications can be sent to:

Aberdeen Rotary Club
The Alex and Suzanne Rosenkrantz Fund Committee
P.O. Box 836
Aberdeen, WA 98520



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