Aberdeen Police arrest man sleeping in a car that was meant for a woman to sleep in

A man was arrested after sleeping in a car in Downtown Aberdeen, when the  car that was only meant to be used by a homeless woman to sleep in.

Aberdeen Police say that they responded to a car alarm going off on G St near the Bridge. When an officer arrived, they found the headlights flashing and a man was bent over under the steering wheel.

The man told the officer that the car was not his, but a friend was letting him stay in it.

When asked for identification, the man said that he did not have any, but his last name was “Lee”.

When other officers arrived, they found the man lied about his name, and he was arrested for making false statements. During the arrest, APD tells KXRO that he became hostile, screaming “a steady stream of insults” toward the officers.

It was found that the man had a DOC Felony warrant for escape community custody. When he was placed in the patrol car, officers found a backpack with syringes, two cell phones, drug paraphernalia, and some plastic with brown residue.

The owner of the car came to the scene, and he told officers that he had let a homeless woman sleep in the car, but did not know the man and said that the backpack was not his.

The man was booked for making a false statement and possession of drug paraphernalia.



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