Grays Harbor County Commissioners could remove parts of their forest access plan

The Grays Harbor County Commissioners have set a hearing date for an ordinance that could repeal portions of the fee for access policy that they passed last year, Daniel Hargrove has more.

The County Commissioners are in the midst of a lawsuit with big timber companies over fee for access to their designated forest lands.

They currently have an ordinance in place that prohibits those commercial recreational fees.

A hearing date was set Monday that could repeal portions of that ordinance and Commissioner said there is a conditional agreement that has been discussed.

“The settlement agreement will be voted upon at the special meeting scheduled for Tuesday, February 16 and the details of that agreement will be discussed at that time.”

Dan Boeholt spoke to the subject during the commission meeting’s public comment period.

I know fighting big corporations cost money, but hunters in this state spend $370 million on fees and tags and licenses and gas, and when corporations are going to charge fee access you’re going to lose revenue because people are going to go elsewhere”.

Commissioner Raines spoke after the meeting about the position she has been placed in, with Commissioner being for a settlement and Commissioner being against repealing the original ordinance.

We’re going to do what we have to do, and make the decisions we think are best, and we don’t always agree.”

The hearing was set with a vote of two to one with Cormier being the lone no vote, and the ordinance that they will be discussing at the February 16th meeting will be posted this Thursday. Daniel Hargrove KXRO.



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