5 Years Ago: “It’s not a weasel, it’s a marten!”

It was 5 years ago this week that a Hoquiam man walked into a home holding a dead animal and assaulting the resident. A story that generated interest for the across the globe, for all the wrong reasons.

The original story from KXRO played out over June 6-9, 2011, as we learned that were investigating the bizarre assault against a resident, as well as police.

Chief told KXRO at the time that officers were called to a home on Division Street after a 41 year old Aberdeen man was punched in the face by a 33 year old Hoquiam man who burst into the home “holding a dead marten by the tail”.

KXRO was told at the time that prior to the incident, the conversation went something like this:


41 yo Man: Are you carrying a weasel?

33 yo Man: It’s not a weasel, it’s a marten.

-Punch to Face-


Following the assault, the suspect fled the scene and was found sometime later arguing with a woman at a home on Panama Avenue.

The man had, who was known to have made threats against officers in the past, refused orders to surrender at gunpoint and attempted to flee but eventually stopped for the Hoquiam unit .

As he was being arrested, Myers said at the time that the man grabbed an officer by the leg,  was restrained, handcuffed and put in a patrol car, and he continued to yell threats and profanities at the officers and smash his head into the plastic partition before being booked into the county jail for felony Assault and Burglary along with reckless driving, driving while license revoked and resisting arrest.

The following day, the story continued as Myers said that the dead animal was neither a weasel or a marten, but a mink.

Myers told KXRO that the Department of Fish and Wildlife reports that Martens have not been seen in the Grays Harbor area for 50 to 60 years, despite the suspect adamantly claiming that the animal he was carrying was a marten, going as far as to correct arresting officers when they called it a weasel.


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