4 companies close their land to the public in Grays Harbor and Pacific County

Unusually hot weather and the added fire danger have led to four major private land owners to close their Grays Harbor, Pacific, and Wahkiakum County lands to the public.

Campbell Global, Greenwood Resources, Hancock Forest Management and Olympic Resource Management issued a joint press release that they have closed their lands, according to a joint press release.

“Other landowners may close or have already closed their lands. The forests are extremely dry. There is no rain in the forecast,”

They say that the properties will likely remain closed until “significant soaking rain” comes to the region.

Anyone with concerns can contact the companies.


Campbell Global 360-795-6030
Greenwood Resources 503-738-6351 ext. 2
Hancock 360-795-3653
Olympic Resource Management http://www.orm.com/






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