$250,000 coming for marine debris cleanup

has put aside an additional $250,000 to Washington for address marine debris issues associated with the 2011 tsunami.

The money comes from $5 million in funds given by the government of Japan in 2012 to help with clean up. NOAA anticipates providing an initial sum of $250,000 to each of the impacted states along the West Coast, and will hold the remaining funds in reserve. Remaining funds will be distributed as needs arise.

said: “Japan is under absolutely no obligation to provide this type of assistance, and the nation’s generous gift is yet another demonstration of Japan’s continued contributions to the international community.”

This Japan gift already has been put to use in Washington. It was used to cover a portion of the $628,000 cost for removing the 65-foot dock that washed ashore near .

The funds used to remove the dock are in addition to the $250,000 that the state is receiving now.


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