20 Years Later: The Oakville Blob

20 years ago today, something happened in Oakville that still has no explanation.

Unsolved Mysteries host Robert Stack set the scene.

According to Unsolved Mysteries, at 3:00 am on August 7, 1994, the rain began to fall in Oakville, and Police Officer David Lacey, who was working at the time, said that the “goo” came from nowhere.

The show says that samples were sent off to Washington microbiologist Mike McDowell for testing, who was interviewed by National Geographic in another show that he believes that this was not natural, but before anyone else could test his samples, McDowell says they disappeared.

McDowell has since retired from the Department of Ecology and was unavailable for comment, and former police officer Lacey now runs a limousine service in Olympia and was also not available.

Perhaps the only way we will discover what really happened 20 years ago today, will be when it happens again.



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